Tips on Getting a Great Property Valuation

When you are in for a property valuation, you want as much value as possible as it can prove to be beneficial for you and your property asset. To get a wonderful property valuation that gives your home the highest value possible, here you can find some tips that may help.

Tidiness Matters


If you have the budget and resources, you can also go for extensive plans such as remodeling and repainting, etc.

Bathrooms and Kitchens Describe a House

Just cleaning out the rooms and outside area of the house is not enough and bathrooms and kitchens should also be focused upon. In fact, these parts of a home actually matter a lot. Make sure your bathrooms and kitchen are clean and tidy and it is best to repair any required repairs, and set a theme for bathrooms to give them a modern and new look. If your budget doesn’t allow you to make a themed bathroom, make it minimal: look at the bathroom/kitchen in subject, and see what color or colors stand out most; according to these colors, select non-expensive items like rugs, window/shower curtains, toiletries, sink accessories to match. This will give your bathroom or kitchen a themed look.


As mentioned above, you can go for high-end home improvement solutions like remodeling and renovations to add value. If you get them done for the valuation, make sure to inform the valuer about them. Also, if you got a renovation, repainting, repair, etc. a few months or year ago, inform the valuer about those too as they still add value.

Building Plans

If possible, attain your home’s building plan and offer them to the valuer. This puts all spaces of the house into perspective and saves the valuer’s time to measure around.

Find Out Recent Sales in Your Area/Neighborhood

The central property databases are not updated very frequently so if a neighboring house sold at a great price, the valuer won’t have any idea about it. For this reason, it is best if you look and ask around for recent sales to see if any house sold at a great price that you can provide to the valuer.

Prepare a List of All Features

Features add value to your house but it is not necessary that the valuer will notice closely enough to see them all. You want the valuer to know about all the features that can add value, make a list of all and give it to the valuer such as solar panels, water tank etc.

See more detail property valuation services.

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes the best colleges and universities are not in the same zip code as you are. Traveling to the next city or cross country would entail the need to find a new place to live in especially when a daily commute is out of the question. Many school campuses offer housing options to students but the problem with this however is the set of house rules and restrictions that hamper a more comfortable, enjoyable, and independent living setup. It would be out of the question for a student with loans to buy a house and the next best thing is to locate a place to rent and call a home away from home.

property valuations perthNormally, Greek houses or campus dormitories work just fine however there is much more freedom in living away from the school grounds. As a student on a budget, the smartest move is to find an apartment to share with another person or groups of people depending on the size of the place. Real estate agents are no longer reserved for people who are interested in buying a house. There are a lot of property valuation brokers who can help students locate affordable housing choices that could fit a tight spending budget while ensuring it is located in an accessible area. Which for many college students mean, close to dining establishments, bars, coffee shops, mini marts, groceries and malls.

Of course there are still some regulations that come with leasing a property but compared to dorms, apartments provide tenants with more leeway when it comes to decorating. Students living in apartments or homes beyond the borders of the school also have the prerogative to invite guests and visitors as long as doing so does not cause any disturbance to neighbors. Dorms on the other hand follow strict house rules and there is often a segregation between male and female students thus making secret rendezvous challenging. Curfew schedules can also put a dampen on plans and for those like me who choose to live outside of campus this is never an issue. Whether it is to party the night away or to simply come home late from a group study session, living in an apartment complex, condo unit, or a detached home through house valuations in perth is a different experience altogether for a student.

Interior Flooring in Real Estate

Back in the day, floorboards or hardwood flooring were looked upon as ugly and were delegated towards utilitarian purposes. Time and the constant evolution of style and design has now made these types of flooring popular. Discovering hardwood flooring hidden beneath a thick layer of carpeting in an old home is a joy for a lot of people. Not only are hardwood floors durable, they are visually appealing, and more importantly require very little maintenance. Due to the attention received by this kind of flooring, more and more designers are interested in properties evaluated by property valuations perth that have hardwood floors.

perth property valuationsStains and blemishes are a typical vulnerability in waxed floors. The best way to provide protection for floors is to utilize products that contain polyurethane. Staining and other similar issues are unavoidable but with enough protection it can occur less often. Flooring made of wood can best receive protection to ensure that foot traffic scuffs and damages it much less. This can prove to be extra useful if the floor area gets trodden on a lot. Such is the case in entry ways and common areas in a home. For a seller, it is vital to keep these floors as pristine as possible to ensure interest from individuals who like the design.

Having well maintained hardwood floors is a twofold benefit. As mentioned its popularity has attracted the attention of individuals who favor the look and style. More importantly, quality flooring that has proven to be very long-lasting instantly raises the worth of a property when subjected to a Valuations WA analysis. This makes it beneficial to the seller and eventually to the buyer. Regardless if the property is a home or is to be used for commercial purposes, well kept wood floors have an appeal that is timeless and sturdy. It is clearly a good investment to have, more here >> valuations of property perth western australia via Wikipedia

Finding a Home

Looking for a house to suit a growing family can be a difficult job. Unlike living on your own or just with your better half, a household including kids and pets is a different story altogether. Calling a tiny apartment a home was no problem when it was just me and my significant other, with the addition of a now quickly growing toddler and a feisty house cat, the apartment now feels like a shoe box. It dawned on us, amidst the clutter that it was officially time to start searching for a new place to call home.

With a tight budget to work with, small families tend to assume that a real estate agent is out of the question. In reality, having one by our side had been a godsend. A lot of agents work on a commission basis that is pretty much an affordable expense. The biggest advantage is having the person do all the hard work for you. Since becoming a stay at home mom, my hands are kept full trying to run the household while taking care of our baby. My husband is left to provide for the family which means neither of us has a lot of spare time to go house hunting. Brokers and agents come in handy for this purpose. We were simply provided with viable options to look into and when we were ready, we merely had our agent accompany us to the properties the caught our eye.

Not only does a perth property valuations expert help in locating a home, you also get help when it comes to dealing with all the necessary paperwork. No one has the time nor the patience to deal with documents and tax concerns on their own so its just very helpful to have someone on hand to assist you and offer useful tips and shortcuts. Buying our first home was a learning process that can aid us in future purchases.

Evaluate Before Selling

property valuations perthBuying a newly built house is a no brainer. There are no thoughts of concern regarding the condition of the estate or its facilities since it will obviously not have the same wear and tear that is present in older properties. However, properties that are on sale these days are usually those that have some age in their bones or have had previous occupants. Due to the economic downturn in recent years a lot of old but large properties have also been foreclosed and put in the market for sale. Homeowners who are struggling to keep their mortgage payments in check may want to consider selling as their best option. Before any sale takes place, having a WA Valuations consultant to assess the value of the real estate can be beneficial.

property valuations perthThere are sellers with the misconception that an evaluation expert is an unnecessary expense to add to the already mounting costs. The fees charged by an inspector are very minimal to say the least, and the benefits are immeasurable. When a property is put for sale, buyers will instantly be drawn by the price along with their personal set of requirements. It is a given that nobody wants to own a house that comes with an endless stream of repair concerns. Sellers can therefore take advantage of an evaluation by using the report as a guide to complete any repairs prior to listing the home or by providing the data to potential buyers. The willingness to share this info will be viewed by buyers as a positive aspect. As a result, sellers who are more honest about the property’s pitfalls end up with more offers than those who aren’t.

Valuations WA believe it would be nice if a valuation report was mandated across the globe. Not only does it protect buyers but it helps the real estate seller prove how well kept the property is or how transparent the sellers are when it comes to enumerating the good qualities and also the bad attributes the property has been found to have when property valuations perth experts came in.

Certifying Health and Safety

Ensuring that a listing for a property gets as much attention as possible is difficult especially in a highly competitive market. Estate agents and their clients all hope to gather as many good offers for their listing. Anyone who has ever posted an ad online will know that proper wording and use of the right adjectives can instantly draw in some interest. The most effective way to write up a real estate listing is to utilize the results of a property valuations perth certificate. Valuation reports are conducted by professionals who make it their business to inspect the property and list down all aspects that could affect its sale.

perth property valuations

For instance, a compromised structure will instantly bring down the cost of any property no matter how well manicured the lawn is or how newly painted all the rooms are. Certain aspects in a home will ultimately be vital compared to other parts. Sellers who discover issues in their property prior to listing can have the necessary repairs done or simply accept that the lack of action on their part can impact the rate of the sale. Any improvements that are made and happen to be in good condition or working order can similarly add value to a property without the owner’s immediate knowledge. A good example is an attic that was recently converted into a bedroom. Most people would only think to list this down as an attic space when in reality, it is possible to add it to the number of bedrooms the house has.

Certifications of perth property valuations are extremely useful in determining if a previous owned home is livable or not. In certain areas struck by natural disasters like flooding, health hazards may not immediately be visible to the untrained eye. A report can provide in depth information if the house has been cleared of any molds and similar problems that can result to health issues. For peace of mind, a full report is something both buyers and sellers should go through before making any deals.

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